Chicago workers file lawsuit against Naty's Pizza, claiming wage theft

A group of pizza delivery drivers is accusing their employer, Naty's Pizza, of stealing their wages.

They held a rally Wednesday at the pizza restaurant along South Kedzie Avenue.

The workers claim the restaurant doesn't pay a base hourly wage, proper overtime or reimbursement for fuel.

"We are working about 14 hours a day and we don't receive any kind of compensation except the cost of the delivery of the pizzas. Otherwise we don't get any money," one employee said.


The company said they got recently served with the lawsuit and are looking into the complaints from the drivers.

"We haven’t attended the court date yet," said Nancy Rodriguez, manager at Naty’s Pizza, said in a statement. "Independent contract drivers have never expressed concern over wages to the owner. We are willing to work with them. If the judge says we are classifying them directly, then we will work on that. We are here to help them, but they just still have not talked to us."