Chicago-area wrestler fatally shot while protecting daughter, investigation underway

An investigation is underway into the death of a local wrestler and father who was fatally shot while trying to protect his daughter outside their home in Justice earlier this week.

Richard Rubalcava was a 42-year-old prominent Chicago wrestler who was known as "Superbad Santana Starks."

"He love wrestling, since he was a young child. I used to take him to the events," said Susan Carzares, Rubalcava's mother.

Rubalcava, who had been wrestling since he was about 20 years old, was also the co-founder of a professional wrestling federation in Chicago alongside his cousin.

"Being a tag team, literally do everything together and you learn so much about each other," said Danie Kupres, his cousin and wrestling partner. "You know how to talk to each other, without talking."

The tragic incident occurred on Monday night. Rubalcava was at his home on 84th Place in Justice when one of his young adult daughters called for him to come outside, where a group of young adults had gathered. He instructed his daughter to run inside and was then shot twice.

"He was at the happiest he's ever been. He was, and he died protecting his daughter," said Carzares. "He said, 'run, get back in the house' and she did and she heard gunshots before he got a chance to run."

Justice police said officers tried to save Rubalcava at the scene, but he succumbed to his injuries about 20 minutes later at a nearby hospital. He leaves behind three grown daughters and a young son.

Currently, no suspects are in custody. Police described the shooting as an isolated incident and continue to investigate.