Chicagoans get glimpse of rare supermoon eclipse

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FOX 32 Photo | Tim Morris

CHICAGO (FOX 32 News) - Stargazers got quite the treat Sunday when a supermoon combined with a lunar eclipse for the first time since 1982.

Did you see the blood super moon Sunday night? In Chicago, some people missed a view of it because it was too cloudy. But others here and around the country were able to enjoy the rare blood super moon.

PHOTOS | Supermoon from the Chicago area

The eclipse started just after 9 p.m. and lasted a little over an hour, when the earth lined up directly between the sun and moon, causing a coppery red color.

There have only been five supermoon eclipses since 1900 (in 1910, 1928, 1946, 1964 and 1982). The next supermoon eclipse won't occur until 2033.

FOX 32 viewers sent in their view of the supermoon. Click through the photo gallery above to see the stunning images!