Chicago's 'Black Santa' making visits to children this year via Zoom

He calls himself Chicago’s 'Black Santa' and he is gearing up for a busy few weeks leading up to Christmas.

Andre Russell has been developing his take on Santa Claus for a decade, and says it has taken on special importance this year.

“Dreezy Claus is basically a representation of the Black Santa Claus image,” Russell said.

This year, Dreezy's visits to very good boys and girls have gone virtual via Zoom, and the connection he makes with kids is extra special.

“The representation of the culture so they know that Santa looks like them. Cause that's one thing that they always say. ‘I did not know that Santa was Black.’ Santa Claus can look like pretty much anybody, so why not look like me?” Russell said.

He has even penned a children's book called ‘Dreezy Claus & The Boy Who Didn't Believe.’

“And letting them know that I can be Santa. The magic can make you whatever you want to be if you believe,” Russell said.

As for his holiday message?

“My holiday message is to definitely love one another, keep the faith, and keep strong. We have to endure this together.”

If you want to meet Dreezy Claus, visit his website: