Child Falls in Hole at Park

A Newton County mother is speaking out about safety at public parks after her child fell into a septic tank hole. It happened Thursday at City Pond Park.

Crystal Hutcheson said her son, Bentley, was able to hold on to the edge. His father, who is a firefighter, was able to pull him out.

Now this family wants to know why the gate to this area was open in a place where children frequently play.

Hutcheson said she requested the park put up cones or caution tape to alert parents of the safety hazard, but she said they did not take her seriously.

Officials with Newton County Parks and Recreation told FOX 5 workers began securing the area early Friday morning and added a fence to close off the area.

The director said while it’s the responsibility of the septic tank management company to make sure the lids are secure, given Thursday’s incident, county employees are checking all the lids in all Newton County parks, and will make plans to check them more regularly.

The family told FOX 5 they are glad the park is taking steps to secure this area, but more needs to be done to secure the safety of every child that visits the park.