Christkindlmarket goes virtual this year due to COVID-19 pandemic

You’ll have to make your own gluhwein at home this year as the yearly Christkindlmarket is going virtual due to COVID-19.

Maren Biester Prebie says organizers were forced to make the tough call.

“To be honest, the number one reason is safety,” said Prebie.


City residents and those from the burbs would travel here to enjoy mulled wine, struedel and even sweet nuts.

The open air market has been in Chicago since 1996.

“I love the crepes at the Christkindlmarket so I am going to miss that tremendously," one event-goer said.

Christkindlmarket products will be online starting Nov. 1, but you can pre-order special items right now.

“A LOT of the ornaments and the international types of things that are available are wonderful to have online."

The in-person festivities will be missed but with federal, state, and city safety guidelines and travel restrictions, it had to be done.