Cold summer rains on some Chicago business owners' profits

Some Chicago business owners who depend on good weather to make money during the summer months are struggling.

Charley Alia, owner of Whispers Hot Dog stand on the lakefront, said that his business is off more than 50 percent, thanks to rainy and cold days. It's also been difficult for his employees, who sometimes show up only to learn the rain is shutting the business down.

"Last year was really good," Alia said. "But this year, with this rain, it's unpredictable."

At Chicago's Jackson Park Golf Course, some golfers decided to try to squeeze a round in between Sunday's rain storms. Some said the poor weather has been keeping them off the course and impacting their game.

"You have to play this game to have a game, and no, I don't have a game," said golfer Lester Brown.

At the Dvorak Park swimming pool in Pilsen, crowds have been sparse. Parents said that the weather is keeping them trapped inside and even getting into their heads.

"We haven't been anywhere outside this year. it's been pretty awful outside, kind of affecting the mood even," said Pilsen resident Jimmy Gonzales.