Conflicting stories surround death of Chicago woman on LSD

Several young men turned themselves in to Chicago Police after their pictures were blasted everywhere.

Police said they were suspected of chasing a woman with a gun into traffic on Lake Shore Drive, but the families of those young men say police have got it all wrong.

"I was like, oh wow. Not my nephew. That's not him, that's out of his character,” said Janet Clair, the aunt of one of the men seen in surveillance photos.

Chicago police were searching for the group of young men that they say were suspects in an attempted armed robbery, which ultimately led to Pamela Johnson’s death.

Johnson’s boyfriend told police they were trying to get away from armed robbers early Sunday and ran into traffic on Lake Shore Drive.

Johnson was hit and killed by a truck. Her boyfriend was also hit, but survived.

He pleaded with the public on Monday to find the men who he says caused Johnson’s death.

Two days later, after new surveillance images were released, relatives have been coming to Chicago police area central with the young men hoping to clear them.

“I went to his home and I talked to him. And then we brought him to the station to clear his name,” Clair said.

Police are sorting through the various stories of what may have happened.

The boyfriend tells one story, while families of the young men who turned themselves in say another group had the gun and everyone ran.

Community activist Andrew Holmes, who is a relative of Johnson, spoke with families about bringing their loved ones forward.

“They did the right thing to come in and just clear the record. So, it's up to the state's attorney and Chicago police department to listen to them as they tell what happened, minute by minute, where they were and they're accountabilities,” Holmes said.