Controversial anti-leather PETA billboard lands in Highland Park

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There are no lights on a controversial PETA billboard making it hard to see at night, but during the day - it's hard to take one's eyes off of it.

Some would say it's entirely too graphic. Others say if the billboard puts you off, then the issues that prompted the ad should have you livid.

The message shows Dawn from the R&B group Danity Kane lays stomach down wincing in pain as someone rips the skin off her bare bottom. One can force - or feast their eyes on the ad at the corner of Davidson and Woodward in Highland Park.

The message is that this, and so much more, is at times done to animals while they are still conscious so we can adorn our shoes, clothes and furniture with their skin.

There were mixed reactions from metro Detroiters FOX 2 spoke with.

"Well maybe if they're talking about animals it should've been an animal and not a human being," said Sylvia Williams.

"It's not a good billboard for people to see," said Richard Knox. "No. it's bad.

"If you can look at it kind of objectively in that way then I think it will get the point across," said Gabrielle Sherrer. "But I guess overall I think it's a little graphic. I don't think people will get the message they're trying to portray."

Advertising companies in LA, Atlanta and New Orleans refused to put up PETA's billboard. But the audacious ad found a home in Highland Park early Monday.

Only time will tell if people get the message or if the message gets lost in the medium - and if we're honest, that can be said of so many hot button issues - and that may say something about us.

PETA says the ad will stay up for a month.