Cook County takes action to ban flavored liquid nicotine products

The Cook County Board of Commissioners has passed an ordinance amendment that prohibits the sale of flavored liquid nicotine products in the county.

Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart has expressed his support for the legislation.

"I am grateful that the Cook County Board of Commissioners has taken this step to address this urgent public health issue," Dart said in a statement. "The Sheriff’s Office is ready to support the enforcement of this ordinance and protect our kids."


"This measure is a crucial step towards protecting people in Cook County from the detrimental effects of nicotine and tobacco use, especially our youth and young adults. Tobacco companies have known for years that flavored products increase their appeal, especially to young people, which has hooked a whole new generation on nicotine," said Cook County Commissioner Donna Miller.

According to the CDC, flavored products, particularly e-cigarettes, have contributed to a rise in youth usage and have been linked to an increase in severe respiratory illnesses and hospitalizations among teenagers and adults.