Cook County woman, secret boyfriend charged in murder plot of longtime boyfriend

A Cook County woman accused of hiring her secret boyfriend to murder her longtime boyfriend appeared in court Sunday, facing murder charges. 

Agnieszka Rydzewski, 33, and Anthony Calderon, 20, are charged in the shooting death of Arturo Cantu.

Officials said Cantu, 39, was walking to his car outside his apartment complex in the 7300 block of 79th Street around 5 a.m. Wednesday when he was shot twice. 

Cantu had remote-started his car and was walking to his vehicle when Calderon allegedly confronted him. Police responded to the scene and found Cantu's body on the side of his apartment building. He was pronounced dead at the scene. 

Rydzewski was in court Sunday afternoon at the Leighton Courthouse. Prosecutors read her text messages, which they said show her conspiring with Calderon to plot Cantu's death. 

Anthony Calderon, 20, and Agnieszka Rydzewski, 33, are charged in the shooting death of Arturo Cantu. 

Calderon was arrested Friday night on a charge of first-degree murder in connection with Cantu's murder. 

Following further investigation, it was discovered that Rydzewski was Calderon's coworker at a local McDonald's and she allegedly plotted Cantu's murder with Calderon, prosecutors said. 

She's now charged with solicitation to commit murder. 

On Saturday, investigators found evidence that reportedly linked Rydzewski to the crime and the charges against her were approved in the evening by the Cook County State's Attorney. 

Bridgeview Police were able to secure video from nearby businesses to help identify and lead them to Calderon after the shooting.

Both Rydzewski and Calderon are being held in the Cook County Jail pending their trial.