Cook County sheriff warns of holiday scammers

The Cook County sheriff says 'tis the season for scammers and is warning of the most prevalent holiday crimes.

Sheriff Tom Dart and his detectives spoke Tuesday about cyber crimes and scams before a crowd of seniors at Smith Village — a retirement community in Chicago.

The sheriff’s department highlighted the use of social media and online shopping as key tools used by holiday scammers.


Dart says the majority of houses have packages delivered during the daytime when no one is home. Porch pirates are the most popular crime at this time of year, but dart also warned of scammers who knock on doors.

Sheriff Dart also reminded the crowd that his office would never call and threaten an arrest in exchange for payment.

"But the underlying thing is when you get phone messages, or you get emails, or texts, and you don't know who that person is, do not feel any way embarrassed or awkward about reaching out to somebody you love (to run it by them)," Dart said. "And if you are concerned about it, call us."