Cook County student charged with attempted murder after school fight

A juvenile is facing an attempted first-degree murder charge following a fight at Lyons Township High School.

Students report that the altercation was severe, leaving one peer seriously injured and still in the hospital.

On May 1st, just after 4 p.m., the altercation occurred on the North Campus school grounds, involving several juveniles, at least some of whom were students, and one adult.

Two children were injured, but only one seriously.


Last week, James Hernandez Jr. was charged with battery.

On Wednesday, a juvenile was charged with attempted first-degree murder and aggravated battery.

"I never would've guessed at LT," said Michael Nutter, who graduated from Lyons Township HS in 2016. "It's a good school. There have been some dumb things that happened where I've heard of people getting into trouble for some dumb things, but fist fights like this? Never."

La Grange police say that the case remains an active and open investigation, and they will continue to pursue leads.

"This was an isolated incident and does not pose a threat to the community," the village of La Grange said in a statement.

The school has offered support services for any students who need it.