COPA investigating raid on woman's home during child's birthday party

A Chicago woman is sharing video of police officers raiding her house in what she says is an unacceptable and perhaps illegal way.

The Civilian Office of Police Accountability has opened an investigation into the raid, which was conducted last night in the South Deering neighborhood.

Donieshia Wade was returning home with her son to what had been a child's birthday party when she came upon police inside and outside her home. Children were crying.

Wade said that police did not immediately show her a warrant; instead, they tell her she can come see it at the station. 

Apparently, Chicago police believed that a child was in danger at the home.

"It's traumatic," Wade said. "I've heard of things happening with CPD, and our society, and our community, and I've never experienced it first hand."

"If there's a child in danger, and there is someone who has been harming the child, and potentially someone who has been harming the child, it is in the best interest of police to go get the child," said attorney Exavier Pope. "That being said, this woman stated that the child was safe. She was not told why the police were not there in the first place, and later on shown a warrant and it appears the warrant does not have her address on it. Potentially that's why her rights may have been violated."  

We reached out to Chicago Police and did not yet get a response.