Couple harassed with phone calls after dog goes missing in Delano, Minn.

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As if their dog going missing isn't bad enough, one couple is getting phone calls from a man who essentially says he's holding the dog hostage.

It's difficult to understand what the caller wants - if anything at all. But, the Davis' just want their dog back.  

Owners Jason and Shanna Davis say their dog Lou is one of a kind.

“Lou was very special from day one,” Jason said.

Since Lou went missing Dec. 21, the couple has searched endlessly, put up flyers, offered rewards and worked through Facebook. 

Almost a month later, it seems the social media effort prompted a phone call.

“We got a call last night at about seven from a guy who said his name was Kevin, and he said, ‘I have your dog,” Jason said.

But there was no happy reunion. Instead, a series of bizarre phone calls and conversations followed - about fifteen of them. The guy just wanted to give the dog back, then he wanted money, then he didn’t want money. Then, he simply started to get paranoid and angry.

“He told us to be patient, he had to think it through because he was on probation and didn’t want to get in trouble and he was very leery to meet us, thinking we would have the police with us,” Jason said.

The caller said his name was Kevin, he had a daughter. The call came from Cambridge, but he said he picked up Lou while visiting relatives in Delano.

“I said ‘you can trust us; we don’t care about you, we don’t care about your history. We want our dog and that’s our only motivation here is to get our dog back.’ And he said ‘well I was actually gonna give your dog back, but I’m a d***, and I’m not going to now,’” Jason said.

Even various members of law enforcement spoke with him.

“The guy said ‘I don’t know what you’re talking about, but if I did have the dog how much trouble would I be in?,’”

But the most terrifying call was his last, in which he says he’s going to kill Lou.  The Davis’ recorded that one.

“I’ve decided to run your dog over so it’s a bag of organs. That’s it. That’s it. It’s gonna happen not just once. I’m reversing it over the mother f***** until the eyeballs pop out of the skull and then I’m gonna come back home and I’m gonna sleep like a baby,” the caller said.

And that's how the night ended for Jason and Shanna. They didn’t get a phone call today.

Nobody knows if it’s a hoax, but to everyone who spoke to him, it sounded very real.

If you have any information about Lou's whereabouts, please call the Wright County sheriff's office.