Love in the loo: Couple says 'I Do' in gas station bathroom wedding ceremony

While many engaged couples stress out about where to host a wedding, one Kentucky couple kept it unusually simple when they chose to get married inside a gas station bathroom. 

Logen and Tiana Abney of Dry Ridge tied the knot on Valentine's Day inside a Hop Shops convenience store in Northern Kentucky.

And yes, their family and friends did attend the wedding, with some having to stand outside in the hallway and store while the ceremony was held inside the bathroom. 

"I didn't want to go to the chapel or get married in the church," Tiana told FOX Television Stations. 


Tiana Abney in her wedding gown. (Credit: Chris Gilbert)

Tiana said the couple had originally planned to get married on the Fourth of July but had to cancel. Months later, she joked about having the wedding at the Hop Shop where she worked, and her boss liked the idea. 

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So why the bathroom? Tiana said the store's bathrooms are well-known and unique, where people can do their business but also push a red button and transform the bathroom into a dance floor with disco lights and music. 

"I was like, well, it's definitely going to be kind of different, but kind of cool too, because like I said, 'I ain't never been in a gas station bathroom where you can push a button and disco lights come on,'" Logen said, referring to when Tiana asked him. 

"We had vows," Tiana said. "After we had read our vows, put our rings on each other's fingers."


The couple transformed the bathroom into a disco room after tying the knot. (Credit: Chris Gilbert)

Instead of ending the wedding with a typical first married kiss, the couple pressed the red button and played Randy Travis' "Forever and Ever, Amen" as their song. 

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And yes, the bathroom was cleaned prior to the ceremony. Logen said it took them an hour to clean the bathroom before they held the ceremony.


Some guests had to stand out in the hallway and the store while the ceremony took place in the bathroom. (Credit: Chris Gilbert)

The couple said, as expected, they have received mixed reactions to their unusual wedding venue, but they have no regrets. 

"What mattered to us was we got to end up marrying each other, and we were happy," Tiana added. "In the end, we were happy with the wedding, happy with the outcome. That's all that really matters to us."

The couple have not decided where to go on their honeymoon.

This story was reported from Los Angeles.