CPD fears gang retaliation after Chicago rapper is killed

A music video may have led to the shooting of a Chicago rapper in broad daylight on Tuesday.

The rapper killed was 26 -year-old Carlton Weekly. His rap name is FBG Duck, which stands for Fly Boy Gang.

Chicago police say he was a known gang member, and they are looking into a YouTube video as a possible motive. 

Alderman Brendan Reilly of Chicago's 42nd Ward says the rapper took to social media and widely broadcasted that he was on Oak Street.

There are surveillance cameras on Oak Street, where the shooting took place, which will assist police in solving this crime. However, police still say they fear gang retaliation for the rapper's death. 

"The constant back and forth with the gangs. I can't tell you how far back it goes, but detectives deal with this on a regular bases. Constant gang on gang violence," said Deputy Chief Brendan Dennihan.

WGCI personality, Leon Rogers says it is out of control.

"We keep losing people on a daily basis. Now you see what we go through in Englewood. Until everyone bans together, it won't stop," said Rogers.

The superintendent has already added 200 officers to patrol the area.