CPD provides inside look into tracking down looters

On Tuesday, Chicago police gave an inside look into their work to track down looters in the city.

The superintendent says within days of the looting, detectives went to work, canvassing for surveillance video and reaching out to anyone with additional information.

“Our collective sense of safety was shattered by the actions of the looters, thieves and vandals,” said Chicago Police Supt. David Brown. “Detectives have continued to post photos and videos of looting suspects online and Chicago residents have responded.”

Brown says 406 phone calls, emails and tips to CPDtip.com have been recorded since the Looting Task Force was launched.

In total, police say 67 videos have of looters been posted online that resulted in 74 felony arrests.

“The task force has also been looking for vehicles that were each part of the looting, used as part of the looting on August 10th,” said Chief of Detectives Brendan Deenihan.

CPD has seized 26 vehicles that were involved in lawlessness that night and five guns have also been recovered. But police still need help from the public.

“We need the help of the residents to be out witnesses and our tipsters. We still need people to go to the website, watch these videos and contact our detectives,” Deenihan said.

Police are specifically asking for help identifying people responsible for breaking windows, which they say led to the massive looting.

You can watch the videos on CPD’s website and submit an anonymous tip at CPDtip.com.