CPS students return to classrooms for first day of school

Pre-schoolers through high school seniors reported to Chicago Public Schools, along with teachers and friends for the first day of the school year.

It’s an adjustment and CPS officials say children are safe when they are at school.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot rang the ceremonial bell to officially start the new year.

Students at Volta Elementary School lined up on the playground and met their teachers. Everyone was wearing masks as required.

Lightfoot also walked a safe passage route at Courtenay Language Arts in Uptown and marked the first day of public school, as the beginning of students reconnecting with learning, playing and socializing with their peers.


Parents say they felt a mixture of excitement and anxiety, since COVID-19 is still spreading and kids under age 12 cannot get the vaccine. But overall, they were happy to see their children back at school. 

For more than 2,000 students, getting to school was a challenge. Nearly 100 bus drivers quit last week over vaccination requirements.

The district is paying families to compensate for transportation. 

Officials say they are working on a long-term solution.