CTA stabbing victim's family says attacker was 'obsessed'

Family members say 25-year-old Jessica Hampton had only briefly dated the man who police say stabbed her to death on a CTA Red Line train as it approached 47th Street on Wednesday.

"After she fell she went to get up and she started crawling to the door for help, and he grabbed her again by the face and pushed her back and cut her throat," the victim's aunt, Delores Frazier said.

We are not identifying the man because he has not yet been charged, but his Facebook page features a photo of Hampton as his profile picture, and several exchanges between the two: "Man, I ain't gonna stress over no guy" Hampton wrote on his page Tuesday morning.

The suspect replied: "You left me cause I don't have a car u materialistic"...And later, "I wish I did mean everything to you but I guess some wishes jus don't come thru."

A family member who does not want to be identified said it's clear Hampton was being harassed.

"He's obsessed with her, that's what it really was," the family member said. "He was really obsessed with her. He wanted her. She didn't want him."

Her family is also upset that some passengers on the train posted grisly cellphone pictures and videos moments after the attack.

"They could have helped her," Frazier said. "All the people on that train could have done something. One knife and all those people just standing there taking videos. They could have stopped that."

Police indicated the suspect will be charged within the next 48 hours.