Cubic accepts responsibility for Ventra app issues after Metra fare rollout

We are learning more about the issues that plagued the Ventra app earlier this month.

The app's creators now say they accept full responsibility.

Ventra was designed by Cubic. It crashed the same day Metra rolled out new fares and zoning. The issues continued for days.

Cubic executives spoke before the Metra board this week, saying they had been preparing for the launch since April of last year but failed to uncover the load structure issue.

"The change to the app centered around the new fare structure, which was incredibly complex," said Matt Newsome, General Manager of Cubic. "What we realized was that our load structure... to uncover the issue."

"A first failure of this magnitude, it's ‘shame on you.’ If it happens again, it's ‘shame on us,’" added Hanover Park Mayor Rod Craig, who is also the Director of Metra.

Craig is suggesting the Metra Board consider hiring another vendor.

Cubic says it has improved the app since the February 1st crash and has assigned a designated task force to monitor the app during peak times.