Cubs fans find ways to enjoy playoff series amid pandemic

Playoff baseball in Chicago usually means big crowds and big excitement. But Wrigley Field remained shut down to fans Wednesday for game one of the Cubs playoff series against the Marlins.

However, that did not stop some fans from soaking up the atmosphere.

It was empty streets, empty restaurants and nobody at Gallagher Way as the Cubs played inside a locked up Wrigley Field.

“Usually you have this atmosphere, this vibe of people just all over the place in the streets, everybody wearing Cubs gear. And now it’s like a ghost town,” said Paul Dzien.

About 200 lucky fans paid big bucks to watch the game from the rooftops.

“This is surreal. I’m here. I couldn’t miss this. I couldn’t not go to a Cubs game this year,” said Desmond Lawe.

The ballhawks on Waveland did their part standing for the National Anthem, with one saying that baseball is a relief even if they could not be inside.

“It’s so tough, you know? Just what we’re going through. We have to be out here,” said Christopher Sorley.

At Murphy’s Bleacher Bar, some fans brought laptops so they could work while the Cubs played.


“You can still hear all the noises of the ballpark, you kind of feel at least you’re in the atmosphere, at least you’re in Wrigleyville,” said Lauren Lejman.

But Wrigleyville is clearly hurting. It has been a disastrous season for businesses that depend on ballpark traffic.

“It’s eerie. It’s quiet. You’d think it’s the middle of January,” said Brad Rosen of Sports World. “We’re down significantly. We’re built for 40,000 people across the street 80 days a year and without anybody, it’s a totally different world.”