Cubs' Maddon hosts charity boxing match in Ravenswood

CHICAGO (FOX 32 News) - Chicago Cubs Manager Joe Maddon and his wife, Jaye, want to leave a mark on Chicago, and it started Wednesday night with a charity boxing event.

"We lost a tough game today folks and in spite of all that honestly, please take this the right way, this is more important," Maddon said.

"I've never actually (boxed), except I've been beaten up a few times around the playground," he added.

"What it does to you mentally and emotionally, you can leave all kinds of things on that bag,” Jaye said.

That’s why the couple selected a boxing and mentoring organization located in Englewood to be the beneficiary of their first big Chicago charity event.

Sally Hazelgrove is the founder of Crushers Club.

"Our dream is to take every young man and every boy out of a gang, off probation and take them from becoming a tax burden to a contributing positive, tax member of society," said Hazelgrove.

"It changed my whole life," said Cursher Club member Ivry Hall.

Hall used to run with a gang, but he found a new family with the boxing club.

"You need love, they give you love, you need somebody to talk to. They give you somebody to talk to," Hall said.

The money raised will go to a second Crusher Club location. It's a one two punch for Maddon who wants two success stories to come out of his time in Chicago.

"World Series winner, that's what we're striving for, number one, beyond that, that is why we are here, that we make a positive impact on the community," Maddon said.