Customs agents, CDC seize 'prohibited meat' found in traveler's luggage at O'Hare airport

Customs agents were called to O'Hare International Airport last weekend, along with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, to seize "prohibited meat" that was found in a traveler's luggage.

The meat was found May 25th by a CBP Agriculture Specialist and a K9 officer, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

Video of the luggage search surfaced on TikTok and went viral. The luggage reportedly came from Africa and contained "raw bushmeat" that was covered in maggots. 

Bushmeat is defined by the CDC as "raw or minimally processed meat that comes from wild animals." The meat typically comes from a variety of animals, which include bats, nonhuman primates, can rats and antelope. 

The meat could be infected with germs that can lead to illness, such as the Ebola virus, the CDC said. 

Due to the health hazards that the meat imposes, it is illegal to bring it into the United States.

If found at any ports of entry, the CDC said it will be destroyed "along with any personal items that may have come in contact" with it. 

A traveler that brings bushmeat into the U.S. may also be fined up to $250,000. 

Officials said the owner of the luggage was identified and informed of the dangers of bringing it into the country. 

It's unknown if they were fined at this time.