Dad still pushing for court to ban unvaccinated mom from seeing their son, judge recuses himself

The father in the Cook County battle over whether an unvaccinated mom should get to see their son is still pushing for her to be kept away.

Rebecca Firlit told FOX 32 Chicago that she was shocked in early August when Judge James Shapiro asked her during a hearing whether she was vaccinated against COVID-19. When she told him no, because she'd had bad reactions to vaccines in the past, he told her she could not see her son.

The judge reversed that decision after the details became public and said she could see her son after all.

But on Tuesday, the father told FOX 32 Chicago that he still wants Firlit banned from seeing the boy. He cited her unwillingness to get vaccinated, along with her behavior in court, as reasons for his request.

Meanwhile, the judge has recused himself from the case.

While Firlit had been expecting to reunite with her son on Wednesday, that may not happen if the new judge in the case grants the father's emergency motion.

Firlit's legal team has until 2 p.m. Wednesday to file an objection to the "emergency" nature of the motion. Whether she sees her son will all depend on the new judge's ruling.