Darren Bailey highlights increase in violent crime under JB Pritzker: 'Our home is under siege'

After meeting with a group of Illinois county sheriffs Tuesday, State Sen. Darren Bailey blamed Gov. J.B. Pritzker for an increase in violent crime since 2019.

"Our home is under siege by violent criminals," Bailey said.

The Republican nominee for Illinois governor believes the increase in violent crime will propel his underdog campaign to victory on Nov. 8th.

"Illinois violent crime has risen since J.B. took office and remains above the national average. Illinois has had more than 1,000 homicides in 2020, setting a multi-decade high. Chicago's murder count went up 60% since J.B.'s first year in office," Bailey said.

Predicting he'll get more votes than expected in some Democratic strongholds, Bailey, a farmer from southern Illinois, said, "I’m hearing from the city of Chicago. I'm hearing from the suburbs. People are afraid. My message is hold your elected official accountable."

The Pritzker campaign pushed back.


"With 63 days until election day, Darren Bailey has once again shown us the only thing his campaign is capable of doing is fearmongering," Pritzker's spokeswoman said in a written statement. "Bailey’s refusal to own up to the votes he’s taken against supporting law enforcement shows you exactly the kind of 'leader' he is — one who can’t take accountability."

Asked about his vote in the General Assembly against a new law providing tens of millions of dollars to state and local police, Bailey blamed Springfield’s super-majority Democrats. He claimed they did not allow enough time to study the measure.

"You're given a bill at 3 a.m. in the morning and once it's been amended, then you have about one hour to decipher it and figure things out," Bailey said.

"I simply do not trust J.B. Pritzker. I don't trust anything this man says. So to sit and have the bare amount of time to look at any of these bills, even when staff hasn't had time to read and understand - and we certainly haven't - this is not how a constitutional Republican should operate," Bailey said.

A spokeswoman for Pritzker said Bailey is mistaken regarding the timeline of this particular law, and that the critical features of it were known significantly before the showdown vote.

In addition, the Republican nominee for governor said he'd work to repeal a law that, next Jan. 1, abolishes cash bail.

Bailey also blasted President Joe Biden, noting the arrival from Texas of several busloads of people who crossed the southern border in violation of U.S. immigration laws.

"As these people are showing up in Chicago, it's becoming concerning," Bailey said. "And where's President Biden with his money to help these local communities?"

Gov. Pritzker said last week the people bused from the Texas-Mexico border are welcome in Illinois.