Dave Chappelle says R. Kelly's "goons" threatened him for urination skit

Comedian Dave Chappelle says R. Kelly and his "goons" bum-rushed him in Chicago, grilling him about a urination skit in which Chappelle mocks the singer, according to TMZ.

There's also new fall-out from the scathing series “Surviving R. Kelly.”

The Atlanta Journal Constitution reports that detectives in Georgia are investigating Kelly’s manager who's accused of threatening parents who appeared in the series, saying Kelly is holding their daughter Jocelyn Savage against her will in Chicago.

This all comes as Kelly’s attorneys try to tamp down talk of the singer's troubles at his Near West Side recording studio.

“The inspection did not find any dangerous or emergency conditions,” said attorney Melvin Sims.

A team of city inspectors armed with a court order, entered the back door of Kelly’s rented warehouse Wednesday for an emergency inspection.

Later, the building apartment said they found building code violations, including using the industrial space for residential use.

But Sims disputes that.

“There is no one that lives at that premises nor has anyone or is anyone living at the premises…No one lives there,” he said.

Kelly’s other attorney Steve Greenburg said they didn't find any evidence of criminal activity during the inspection, or anything that remotely suggested the accusations are true.