Daycare nightmare: Mother discusses 'very difficult' situation after operator sentenced for neglect

A local mother says she's finally received justice for the injuries her son suffered at a Northwest Indiana day care center.

The mother watched three years ago as her baby boy was airlifted to a Chicago hospital. Now, the woman who runs the daycare is set to spend years behind bars. 

“I literally dropped him off like any other day, you know, he was fine, fed, changed, like I did every morning,” said Amie Frassinone, the victim’s mother.

Three years ago, Amie Frassinone dropped her five-month-old son Gio at Little Hands Child Care in Griffith. 45 minutes later, Gio began having serious seizures. 

“He was kind of paralyzed on the left side, from all the brain trauma he was in,” Frassinone said.

Doctors told her Ggio's brain injuries were due to shaken baby syndrome.

Rebecca Bennett, who ran the day care center at her home, was charged with child neglect. Investigators found her with 12 children, two more than allowed by law. Bennett's attorney said there was no evidence she intentionally caused any injuries. She eventually pleaded guilty to neglect.  

Last week, Frassinone testified at her sentencing.

“It was very difficult, but I knew it was very important for my son's voice to be heard because we've been through a lot,” Frassinone said.

Bennett was sentenced to four years in prison. 

As for Gio, his mother says he has some minor speech issues but overall is doing well. She added that parents with kids in daycare should listen to their gut if they're nervous about what they're seeing.

"You just got to go, honestly, with what you feel,” she said. “Whether it's for right or wrong, but if it's for your child's sake, it’s more important.”

With credit for good behavior, Bennett could be released after serving three years. Her attorney says the judge could have added additional time if he made a specific finding of shaken baby syndrome, but he did not reach that conclusion.