Delphi murder case: Suspect moved to state prison, judge recuses himself

An Indiana judge moved the Delphi murder suspect out of county jail and into the state prison on Thursday, and then the judge recused himself from the case.

A court spokesperson says the judge does not have to explain why he is recusing himself. The Indiana Supreme Court will now appoint another judge from outside the county to take over.

The judge said Richard Allen’s transfer to state prison was for his own protection, and that of public officials.

Meanwhile, a hearing later this month could grant public access to the probable cause documents in the Delphi murder arrest.

Allen, 50, is being held without bail for the killings of 13-year-old Abigail Williams and 14-year-old Liberty German.

The murders happened in 2017, but Allen — who worked at a local pharmacy — was just arrested last week following a search of his home.

The case remains under a rare court-ordered seal.


On Monday, the grandparents of one of the teenage victims spoke out after charges were officially announced against their alleged killer.

"Unbelievable. All the people that used to go and get their prescriptions from him, and now they know this, it's just an unbelievable thing," said Rick Snay, a friend of the German family.

Left to right: Abigail Williams, Richard Allen, Libby German

Allen has been charged with two counts of murder, and just moments after the public announcement, Liberty's sister tweeted out: "We got him."

"It was very bittersweet. It was kind of a strange feeling," said Mike Patty, grandparent to Liberty.

But authorities hinted Allen may not be the only one involved.

"We are going to continue with a very methodical and committed approach to ensure that if any other person had any involvement in these murders in any way, that that person or persons will be held accountable," said Doug Carter of the Indiana State Police.

This could be the reason police are not releasing any details about what led to Allen's arrest, and why a judge has ordered the probable cause affidavit sealed.

Allen's pre-trial hearing is scheduled for January.

Meanwhile, Indiana authorities are keeping the phone and email tip lines open and encourage anyone to call in tips whether it's regarding Richard Allen, or any other individual.