Democrats: Constitution requires Trump to get congressional approval for war

Illinois' senior senator is demanding congress vote to limit President Trump's war-making powers.

It’s possible the Senate and House could be debating the issue in the next few days, even as political maneuvering over impeachment continues.

“Don't point to the president that it's his responsibility,” said Sen. Dick Durbin (D). “It's our responsibility! That is what this constitution says.” 

However, the only Chicago-area Republican on Capitol Hill, Rep. Adam Kinzinger, rejected the way democrats frame the debate.

Democrats claim the president's moves in the Mideast are backfiring, noting Iraqi lawmakers voted to expel American forces, effectively strengthening Iran’s domination of that country.

“There's a very real possibility our forces will be kicked out of Iraq, reducing our ability to fight ISIS,” said Rep. Mike Quigley (D), House Intelligence Committee. 

Upheaval in the oil-rich region caused prices for crude to rise again today, hitting the highest level in eight months. Experts said it would have been much worse a decade ago, before the boom in U.S. domestic production.

With U.S.-Iran tensions remaining so high, the Trump administration is expected to brief congressional leaders on Wednesday.