'Demonic' forces at work in Chicago violence, and these women say prayer might be the answer

Over the Fourth of July weekend, some women are holding a fast and prayer vigil in Chicago's Austin neighborhood in response to the escalating violence.

"We have relied on the police to make our neighborhood safe, but the violence is still increasing," said Pastor Jacqueline Reed of Every Block a Village Church. "We have relied on programs and services, but those don't seem to working."

Reed and other women are sleeping in tents in the Laramie State Bank parking lot and appealing to a higher power to bring safety and peace to their community.

"We think that this is demonic. I think the most important thing we need to do is reaffirm our values, our morality, our love for each other," Reed said. "The message we want to send to our young people is, 'We love you so much, we're willing to make a sacrifice for you.'"

The vigil and fast will continue until Sunday afternoon.