Diver helps woman, 86, recover wedding ring she lost in Pennsylvania lake

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Dive Lt. Rich Slidgerski found a woman's missing wedding ring in 18 feet of water in Lake Wallenpaupack in Pennsylvania.(Ledgedale Dive/Rescue Team)

An 86-year-old woman contacted a scuba diver to find her missing wedding ring in a Pennsylvania lake and he somehow defied the odds to find it.

Grace Paulnack, of Hawley, Pa., had been wearing the ring for 64 years.


“You know how you try to balance yourself on a dock? Well, flip,” Grace Paulnack told WNEP-TV.

She lost the ring Wednesday in Lake Wallenpaupack in the Poconos.

"I thought it was an omen,” her 89-year-old husband Carl Paulnack said. “This is the end of our life. I am not superstitious, but I thought, this is an omen. This is a harboring of things to come. Now she says, ‘don't worry about it we will get another ring.’ Nope, I want that ring."

The Ledgedale Volunteer Fire Department’s Dive and Rescue Team in Lake Ariel responded to the call for help.

"Once I got the call, I knew we had to go out,” Lt. Rich Slidgerski told the station. “Usually, we see people on their worst days. This was something fantastic.”

Slidgerski found the ring in 18 feet of water.

“Even after I told him no charge they insisted on giving the Dive team a donation,” he wrote on Facebook.