Do college kids feel safe these days?

CHICAGO (FOX 32 News) - After two deadly campus shootings on Friday, FOX 32 wanted to know if college students feel safe these days.

Safety and security is currently top of mind for all college campuses. Most have their own police departments and send alerts to students when necessary, and students welcome the safety measures.

College campuses are coated in blue. There are emergency lights that allow anyone to alert authorities with a push of a button if they don't feel safe.

“Which is always nice to see it so you know it's there, if you ever have a problem and need help," said Becca Zagorski, freshman at DePaul University.

She said she feels very safe on campus, but is aware anything could happen. 

“Not just the ones in Oregon and Texas or whatever, there's a ton of other things,” she said. “I do feel a little weary because I’m on a college campus and there's a ton of people that I don't know, so I don't know what they are thinking.”

Most universities have safety lights and cameras, and send text and email alerts in case of emergency.

Phoenix, Arizona native Alexander Temes received an alert last night from friends at Northern Arizona University. 

“One of them actually saw the shooting from her dorm room while she was up late," said Temes. “For one to happen where your friends are so close kind of puts you on edge and makes you look around a little bit more, kind of scares you.”

One person died in that shooting overnight.

Rush University Medical Center psychiatrist Dr. Robert Shulman said the fear of mass shootings is relatively new to college campuses.

“I think what it will do is stimulate a lot of conversation within schools and dormitories, kids sitting around at night talking about these things, what do we do for each other, how do we keep each other safe,” said Dr. Shulman.

Students that FOX 32 talked to say they it's best to be vigilant, but not let the fear take over.

“If you live your life afraid then you are never going to do anything,” said Sophomore Meghan Larson.

Campus officials recommend you stay alert, walk confidently and trust your instincts.

Most of all, always report any suspicious activity to campus police or a local police department.