Does this photo of Ulysses S. Grant look strange to you?

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(FOX News) - At first glance, this photo entitled “General Grant at City Point” appears to be a rare shot of Grant reviewing his troops during the Civil War.

But take a closer look at the image and questions begin to emerge, according to a blog post on the Library of Congress web site.

It does look like Grant but the “head joins the body at an odd angle and the uniform seems wrong for the time period,” according to the Library of Congress. If the photo would have been taken at City Point, it would have been shot in 1864. But at that point, Grant would have had three stars on his uniform to reflect his title as General-in-Chief for the union forces. In the photo, he has just one star.

Then, there is the horse that Grant sits atop. His favorite at the time was named Cincinnati but, according to the blog post,  Cincinnati didn’t have white hair around his ankle as this horse does. It also doesn’t look anything like any of Grant’s other horses.

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