Dog accidentally sent through airport x-ray machine, TSA says

Make sure to check your luggage before flying this holiday season, you might have a furry stowaway. 

The Transportation Security Administration reported that a dog was accidentally sent through the X-ray at the Dane County Regional Airport in Madison, Wisconsin, this week. 

The verified Great Lakes region Twitter account for the agency reported the passenger and dog owner did not tell TSA about her dog. 

"When traveling with any animal, notify your airline & know their rules. At the checkpoint, remove your pet from the bag and send all items, including the empty carrier, to be screened in the machine," the TSA said in a Twitter post.


Dog accidently sent through TSA x-ray machine.

The TSA also shared a video on how to properly travel with your pet to avoid a situation like this one. 

Last month, a similar situation occurred at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York City, when a TSA officer found an orange cat inside a checked bag after it went through the X-ray machine.

A Transportation Security Administration spokesperson said that the traveler told officials at the airport that the cat belonged to someone else in his household and had no idea the cat was inside the bag.

"A @TSA officer was shocked to find an orange cat inside a checked bag at @JFKairport after it went through the X-ray unit," spokesperson Lisa Farbstein tweeted. "On the bright side, the cat's out of the bag and safely back home."