Dog photographer raises big money for shelter animals

A photographer is taking pictures of pets and shelter dogs all for a good cause. The donations go to help other homeless animals.

Dogs at PAWS Chicago, like one-year-old DeAndre and 7-year-old Buttercup, are hoping a family will adopt them.

Assisting in that cause is photographer Andrew Grant, who was made famous by Ellen DeGeneres when she gifted one of his books to Oprah.

Now, Grant is working on his final book called "Rover,” which is the last in his series of dog photography books that help raise money for shelter animals.

“He's raising not only funds for shelters, but awareness. His books are going to showcase the amazing animals that you can find at your local shelter,” said Sarah McDonalds, PAWS spokesperson.

Private donor photography sessions for your pooch cost five-thousand dollars, but that money is donated to shelters like PAWS.

"We've raised about $1.4 million dollars for 30 different rescues across the country,” Grant said.

Grant started this as a one year project, but six years later he’s still fighting for homeless animals.

"It's one of my favorite things to do is to photograph the dogs that are actually living in the shelters. Because donors are able to sponsor homeless pets, so they can see them in the book, along with their dog,” Grant said.

PAWS was selected among dozens of other animal shelters to be featured in the upcoming book.

The hope is that dogs like Buttercup and DeAndre can find a permanent home. However,  their adoptions could mean even more.

"Not only did you just rescue the pet that you're going to welcome into your family, but you opened up space for that rescue or shelter organization to save another pet in your pets place,” McDonald said.

That’s why Grant continues to travel the country, showcasing the amazing dogs that can be found at your local shelter.

The photographer plans to return to Chicago next month to photograph more dogs.

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