Dog sitter refused to return pet to owner, police say

Only hire people you know and trust as pet-sitters.

A Colorado police department helped a local dog owner retrieve their beloved pet from a dog sitter who was refusing to return the animal. Fortunately, the authorities were able to convince the sitter to drop the animal off at the Humane Society.

The Fort Collins Police Services posted on social media that a local woman named Patricia needed help getting her pit-terrier named Scholar returned. She reportedly needed someone to watch her dog while she moved to a new house that would allow pets.

The post stated, "Patricia needed someone to watch her dog, Scholar, for a brief period of time. An acquaintance was dogsitting while she transitioned into housing that would allow pets. Her acquaintance couldn't watch the dog for more than a few days, so he recommended a guy named Jesse (later identified as Jesse Beckwith)."


"Patricia agreed, and Jesse took in Scholar," the post added. "He initially shared updates with Patricia but then stopped communicating with her. When she tried to get Scholar back, Jesse refused to give her the dog and won't return her calls."

The Facebook post asking for the public's help to locate Beckwith seemed to do the trick, as he dropped Scholar off at the Humane Society.

"We are happy to share that Scholar was turned in to the Humane Society this afternoon," the police department wrote. "His very grateful owner has been notified and will be picking him up. Thank you so much to everyone who spread the word! We’re grateful for the incredible amount of care and compassion our community shows for people and their furry family members."

There's no word if charges will be filed.

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