Driver abandons vehicle on tracks causing Metra train crash in Lake Forest

A Metra train struck a vehicle in Lake Forest Friday afternoon.

At about 2:22 p.m., police responded to the intersection of Western Avenue and Ryan Place for a report of a train striking a vehicle at the railroad crossing adjacent to that intersection.

According to preliminary information, a female driver was operating a white 2023 Ford Explorer and driving west on Ryan from Washington.

She approached the train crossing prior to the stop sign at Western Avenue and there was a car already stopped at the stop sign.

She then stopped on the tracks and waited for traffic to clear.


She told police that her car then "shut off" and as she tried to get it restarted, she saw a northbound train headed her way.

She then abandoned the SUV on the tracks and the train struck the vehicle.

There were no reported injuries among the train crew, Metra riders or the SUV driver, police said.

The Ford Explorer suffered damage, however, officers were able to start the vehicle and have it towed from the scene.

The driver was issued traffic citations.