Drone racing turning into big money sport

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MIAMI (FOX News) - You might think drone racing is child's play, but it's turning into big business with massive cash prizes. Earlier this month, Luke Bannister, 15, won $250,000 at the World Drone Prix in Dubai.

Others who participate say it's the most exciting thing they've ever done.

"You get a full body rush. I mean your hands tremble. Obviously you have to learn to control your nerves and that's part of racing," said racer Steve Zoumas. "But it's like nothing else I've ever done in my life."

Zoumas recently won the Miami Lights race, organized by the Drone Racing League. DRL CEO Nicholas Horbaczewski said organized races are happening around the world.

"We're focused on taking that hobby, that exciting new sport, and turning it into something professional -- something that people can watch at home or in stadiums and get excited about," Horbaczewski said.

The pilots say one of the fun things about drone racing is that no one gets hurt when they crash.

"You definitely take more chances because you know that if you crash, you can change a couple props and you're able to go to work the next day," Zoumas said.