Durbin, Highland Park mass shooting victims urge lawmakers to take action on assault weapons ban

A group of survivors from the Highland Park Fourth of July shooting are in the nation's Capitol this week declaring mass shootings a public health crisis.

Illinois Sen. Dick Durbin stood with doctors and gun control advocates on the Capitol lawn. 

He urged senators to take action on an assault weapons ban, which passed in the House in July. 


Durbin says the mass shooting at the Fourth of July parade had a big impact on the fight for gun control.

"You know how the gun lobby always says, ‘The best way to deal with a shooter is to have a good guy with a gun’? Let me tell ya, Highland Park was crawling with lots of good guys and gals with guns, who are on the right side of law enforcement. It didn't do any good. In less than 60 seconds, with all these rounds, 73 rounds being fired, 83 rounds being fired into the crowd, the damage was done," said Durbin. 

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Meanwhile, in Springfield, a judiciary committee will host a hearing on a statewide assault weapons ban next week. 

State Rep. Bob Morgan also wants to increase the minimum age to purchase or own a weapon. 

Morgan is calling on members of the community, especially those in Highland Park, to show their support and provide their written testimony.