Dust storm closes down part of I-55: ISP

A dust storm in central Illinois closed down part of Interstate 55 Tuesday afternoon.

According to Illinois State Police (ISP), the dust was coming from the east of I-55 and blowing west across both the north and southbound lanes of the interstate near milepost 146 near McLean.

The interstate was closed in both directions and traffic was being rerouted onto Route 136 eastbound, Route 51 northbound, Interstate 74 westbound and 1-55 northbound. Southbound traffic was rerouted onto I-74 eastbound, Route 51 southbound, Route 136 westbound and I-55 southbound.

If you're caught in your vehicle during a dust storm, ISP said drivers should pull off of the road as far as possible, stop and turn off all lights, set the emergency brake, take your foot off the brake, make sure the taillights are not illuminated, do not get out of your vehicle and keep your seatbelt on