EF-0 tornado touched down in Summit Tuesday

The NWS confirmed an EF-0 tornado touched down briefly Tuesday afternoon in Summit, Cook County.

The estimated peak wind was 75mph with a path length of 0.4 miles and a width of 50 yards.

The tornado touched down at 1:08pm about ½ mile southeast of Summit and lifted around 1:08pm about ½ mile east of Summit.

The majority of the damage was to trees, with several large branches down and a couple of weaker hard wood trees snapped. There was also some minor roof damage and a wooden fence partially downed.

Since 1950, 560 tornadoes have touched down across the NWS County Warned Area (23 counties) - with 207 being an EF-0 with winds between 65 to 85mph.

207 of the 560 tornadoes have been rated an EF-0, that's 37.0 percent.

208 have been rated an EF-1, that's 37.1 percent with only 1 tornado rated an EF-5 (Plainfield 1990).

Of the 23 counties in the NWS County Warned Areas, Will County has seen the greatest number of tornadoes with 60 followed by Cook County with 48.