Elgin police union votes no confidence in top cop

Chief Ana Lalley | Credit: City of Elgin website

Union members of the Elgin Police Benevolent & Protective Association Unit #54 completed a formal "Vote of No Confidence" in Elgin's top cop Chief Ana Lalley last week.

On Nov. 7, members completed a formal "Vote of No Confidence" which passed overwhelmingly.

According to the union, it has attempted to address issues of low morale, poor leadership and mismanagement for years.


"The Membership feels that Chief Lalley has created and fostered a toxic work environment in which she surveilles and engages in anti-union rhetoric and actions, fails to properly staff the Patrol Division, misallocates resources at multiple levels, lacks internal transparency, engages in disparate discipline, and in which she fails to trust subordinates, specifically front line supervisors (sergeants and lieutenants), to make decisions," the union said in a statement. 

FOX 32 reached out to the police chief and the Elgin mayor for comment, but have not yet heard back.