'Empire's' Ta'Rhonda Jones transforms Jake Hamilton into 'Sugar Cookie'

CHICAGO (FOX 32 News) - They're the most fashionable characters on television but if you want to dress like Cookie, Lucious and everyone else in "Empire," there's a way to do it right here in Chicago without breaking the bank.

FOX 32’s Jake Hamilton joined forces with Ta'Rhonda Jones, who you know as Porsha from, to learn what it takes to pull off that killer "Empire" look.

They met up at Wicker Park resale shop Crossroads Trading Company to find some “Empire” fashion without paying empire prices.

Few characters on “Empire” own their swag the way Porsha does and that’s a direct result of the fabulously unique style of the woman who brings her to life.

Roaming around the Wicker Park resale shop, Ta’Rhonda was quick to find perfect fits for the show.

One thing soon became apparent: anyone can rock the “Empire” look. You need to stand out. You need to be loud. And you just need to own it.

Case in point: Ta’Rhonda enlisted her cousin Diamond and transformed her into Cookie.

Then came Ta’Rhonda’s greatest challenge of all – preparing Jake for his role on “Empire.”

He needs to stand out. He needs to be loud. And he needs to own it. And just like that Sugar Cookie was born.

It’s music mogul fashion at Chicago resale prices. The fashion of “Empire” – just as accessible to you and me as it is Cookie and Lucious. It’s easy, affordable, and stylish and there’s just one simple rule.

You have to own it.

Just a reminder, the second season of "Empire" kicks off Wednesday at 8 p.m., only on FOX 32 followed by FOX 32 News at 9.