Ethan Crumbley's journal entries laid out teen's shooting plan, path toward his 'dark side'

The last testimony during James and Jennifer Crumbley's preliminary hearing proved to be one of the most eye-opening windows into the mind of their son Ethan, the accused Oxford high School shooter. 

The teen's descent into what he described as his "dark side" was outlined in 21 pages of the 15-year-old's journal, which was found in the bathroom Ethan allegedly entered then exited before he started shooting others. 

Some of the passages that were read during testimony in the late afternoon of Feb. 24, which was given by Lt. Timothy Willis of the Oakland County Sheriff's Office, elicited emotional responses from both James and Jennifer Crumbley. A judge ordered both parents to stand trial for involuntary manslaughter following closing arguments Thursday.

A passage from a page that's dated Nov. 29, it reads "FORGIVE ME" in big bold letters. From there, nearly every page afterwards discusses plans to commit mass murder, Willis said.

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Oakland County Assistant Prosecutor Marc Keast: "Out of those 21 pages, how many discussed the Oxford High School shooting or his plan to shoot up Oxford High School?"

Willis: "Every single page"

Embedded within the pages are disturbing drawings and details about Ethan's mental state and a calculated plan to murder other students.

"First off, I got my gun. It's an SP2022 SIG Sauer 9mm. Second, the shooting is tomorrow, I have access to the gun and ammo," Willis said from the stand. 

One page has a drawing depicting a girl with an ‘x’ replacing the eyes and a semi-automatic handgun firing into the person. The words written around the drawing say "the first victim has to be pretty girl with a future so she can suffer like me."

On page 19, it reads "I will kill everyone I f****** see." Another passage on the same page reads "I will cause the biggest school shooting in Michigan's history. I have fully mentally lost it after years of fighting with my dark side. My parents won't listen to me about help or a therapist."

On page 6, it has the word "help" with bold letters colored in. Next to that, it also reads "I have zero help for my mental problems and it's causing me to shoot up the f****** school."

In other passages, Willis asks for his parents to forgive him, saying he's "not trying to hurt you by doing this, I have to do this."

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The chilling details offer insight into the mind of Ethan just before he allegedly murdered four students and injured seven others on Nov. 30. 

Images of the crime scene sent to FOX 2 from a source show both Ethan's journal and other belongings he left behind in the bathroom.

Defense attorneys argued that James and Jennifer Crumbley had no knowledge about their son's writings or his plan. Prosecutors have argued that both parents were negligent in their duties to care for their son, which factored into his alleged actions.