Evergreen Park high school ring lost 45 years ago reunited with owner's family

CREDIT: Evergreen Park High School

An Evergreen Park Community High School class ring that was lost 45 years ago is finally reunited with the owner's family.

The ring was buried in a Texas lake, until a man named Mark went hunting for arrowheads.

"He found a bunch of arrowheads and a number of other items including this class ring that said Evergreen Park High School 1977," said Tim Moran, Director of Public Relations, Evergreen Park Community High School.

The ring had the name Debra Thiessen inscribed on it.

Mark held onto the ring 22 years before showing it to his co-worker, Randy, who suggested they call the school.

After the call to the Evergreen Park high school, the school staff scoured records for Debra Thiessen, but she was listed as 'missing’, so they turned to a higher power.

CREDIT: Evergreen Park High School

The power of social media and people looking out for strangers, people you've never heard of before," said Moran.

Social media got it done, tracking down Debra Thiessen's daughter in Texas.

Debra had moved to Texas soon after high school, but died three years ago.

Moran spoke with the daughter last Friday.

"She broke up a few times over the phone with me. She's just very emotional right now. The ring is going to be reunited with the family and her mom is smiling somewhere," said Moran.

On Thursday, Moran said the daughter was finally reunited with the class ring.