Ex-aide to Illinois House Speaker Mike Madigan launches #MeToo support group

A woman who accused a top aide to Illinois House Speaker Mike Madigan of sexually harassing her says because of her accusations, she faced retaliation.

On Tuesday night, she hosted the first #MeToo support group for victims of workplace harassment.

About 60 people -- mostly women -- showed up to the event. The purpose of it was to bring together victims of workplace sex abuse, learn about resources and just be able to talk in a safe space.

The #MeToo support group was hosted by former consultant to Madigan, Alaina Hampton. She says she was harassed by former Madigan aide Kevin Quinn with texts and phone calls, and then she claims she was retaliated against after telling her story.

Last week, her lawsuit was settled with Madigan’s political committees. Hampton will get $75,000.

Hampton says another victim brought it to her attention that there are not any support groups for workplace sex abuse victims, so she created one.

The group discussed the resources out there offered to victims and Hampton shared her story and the difficulty of recovering.

“I think it's helpful when victims can come together and share their stories so maybe they don’t feel so alone. I would've loved to have talked to someone when I was being harassed, so it wouldn't have been so isolating,” Hampton said.


Tuesday night’s meeting was held at the Great Central Brewing Company on the Near West Side.

Hampton hopes to continue monthly support groups.