Parties dispute how far feds will let Madigan probe go

The U.S. attorney investigating a state government bribery scandal that implicates the longtime House speaker on Thursday OK’d a separate probe by a House committee, but Democrats and Republicans don’t agree one how far it can go.

GOP leader files charge against longtime Illinois speaker

The top Republican in the Illinois House filed a breach of public trust charge Thursday against Democratic Speaker Michael Madigan, the longest-serving legislative leader in U.S. history, as a special committee began investigating Madigan’s alleged role in a decade-long bribery scheme at the state Capitol.

Illinois House panel to investigate Speaker Michael Madigan

An Illinois House panel convened at the request of Republicans will investigate Speaker Michael Madigan, a long-serving Democrat who has been implicated in a federal bribery investigation, legislative leaders announced Wednesday.

Mike Madigan: 'No plans to resign' as Democrat women call on him to step down

State Sen. Iris Martinez, a respected and influential state and national Democratic Party leader, on Thursday joined a burgeoning group of Democratic lawmakers — all women — calling for Michael Madigan to relinquish his decades-long grip on Illinois politics by resigning as party leader, House speaker, or both after he was implicated in a federal bribery investigation.

Bribery scheme implicating Madigan revives term limits talk

When federal prosecutors unveil a bribery scheme in the state Capitol that points a finger at the House speaker, and the speaker has been in charge for 3 1/2 decades, it’s natural that some would turn to a popular but contentious solution: Term limits.

Q&A: What charges might IL House Speaker Mike Madigan face?

Federal prosecutors recently answered the question about whether Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan, the nation’s longest serving statehouse speaker, is a subject of a criminal investigation into influence peddling to benefit an energy utility. He is.

Gov. Pritzker calls 2012 email alleging rape cover-up 'horrific'

Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker on Thursday denounced as “horrific” a newly disclosed email a powerful lobbyist sent seven years ago to top aides in the previous governor's office that cryptically suggests knowledge of cover-ups involving a rape and shady hiring practices.

Investigators ask about Illinois House Speaker Mike Madigan, report says

Four people interviewed by investigators told the Chicago Tribune that FBI agents and prosecutors asked about Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan’s ties to ComEd lobbyists, contracts the utility had with Madigan associates and government jobs those close to Madigan have landed.

Investigations touch Illinois powerbroker Mike Madigan's confidants

One of the nation's most powerful state legislators has for decades tended to shrug off the latest scandal involving Illinois politicians, but the sight of FBI agents hauling bags of evidence from an office on the Democratic side of the Capitol building this week may have startled the normally unflappable Mike Madigan.