Former Illinois governor calls for ethics reform after ComEd Four trial verdict

Former Illinois Governor Pat Quinn is calling for ethics reform in light of the ComEd Four trial verdict.

Last week, four defendants were all found guilty in a bribery conspiracy to woo then-House Speaker Mike Madigan into favoring the utility's legislative agenda.

Quinn says Gov. J.B. Pritzker and leaders of both the House and Senate should call for a special legislative session to discuss what was revealed in this case and to put immediate measures in place to prevent future incidents.

He also suggests stopping pension payments for any elected officials found guilty of federal charges.


"It's ironic, but in Illinois at the local level for people who are mayors and local officials, they do have a conflict of interest law, which spells out specifically what financial interests are, to answer your question," said Quinn. "We don't have that for the legislature, it's advisory."

Quinn vetoed the ComEd legislative twice, but it was undone by the legislation both times.

Madigan is set to go on trial himself next year.