Expiration dates extended for Metra's one-way and 10-ride tickets

Metra announced Monday that one-way and 10-ride tickets that have expired since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic will be valid until June 1.

The announcement means tickets with expiration dates between March 2020 and June 1 will be accepted until the latter date.

The tickets were set to expire at the end of 2021 but due to the rise of the omicron variant, Metra decided to add a six-month extension.

"We’ve heard from customers who told us they could not use their tickets before the Dec. 31 deadline because their offices postponed plans to return to work due to omicron," Jim Derwinski, Metra CEO/Executive Director, said in a statement. "In the spirit of My Metra, we want to be responsible to our customers and responsive to their needs."